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Installation And Maintenance Of Garden Light
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Courtyard lights usually refer to outdoor road lighting lamps under 6 meters. Its main components are: light source, lamps and lanterns, lamp pole, flange, the foundation embedded parts 5 parts. Courtyard lights are mainly used in urban roads, residential roads, industrial parks, landscape lighting, tourist attractions, parks and courtyards, green belts, square lights and lighting decoration.
Installation method of yard lights:
1.It is advisable to use low power, high color and high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and incandescent lamp to install the courtyard light source.
2.The grounding of the courtyard lamp should be strictly noted. The metal column and lamps that are close to the bare conductor should be connected with the PEN line reliably. The grounding line should be provided with a single main line, which should form a ring network along the layout of the courtyard lamp.
3.Power-on trial operation of the lamps shall be allowed only after the installation is completed and the insulation test is qualified. After the power should be carefully checked and patrol, if found problems, should immediately power off, find out the cause and repair.
Note for maintenance of yard lights:
1.Do not hang items on the lamp, which will greatly reduce the life of the yard lamp.
2.To timely check whether the lamp tube aging, and timely replacement. If found in the inspection, the two sections of the lamp has been red, the lamp black or black shadow, etc., then it will prove that the lamp has begun to age, replace the lamp must be in accordance with the light source parameters provided by the sign.
3.Do not switch on and off frequently as this will greatly reduce the life of the yard lights.

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