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How To Upgrade Ordinary Street Lamps To LED Street Lamps
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Compared with the traditional sodium lamp light source, LED lamp has the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental protection, low cost, long life, anti-glare and high brightness. Traditional sodium lamps are still used in many areas today. Some of them have reached the age of service, which often breaks down, and the lighting effect is very bad. Street lamp transformation is imperative.
It is not difficult to convert ordinary street lamps into energy-efficient LED street lamps. Qichuang optoelectronics has transformed a large number of small old-fashioned lighting lamps installed in factories, campuses, residential areas and other locations. The LED street lamp adopts the method of retaining the original power supply line and street lamp body, adding LED controller and replacing LED light emitter to solve the above problems.
The street lamp transformation plan should be designed according to the specific configuration of the original street lamp system, considering not only the structure of the original street lamp and the aesthetics after the transformation, but also the control of the transformation cost and the maximum utilization of the existing resources.
The design principle of street lamp transformation scheme is: (1) do not change or less change the appearance of street lamp; (2) make full use of the original street lamp lines and installation of structural parts, maximize the realization of resource reuse; (3) Make full use of the diversity of LED products, to meet the needs of transformation; (4) considering energy conservation and environmental protection factors, realize time-sharing control (full light when busy, half light when idle).

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