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  • Installation And Maintenance Of Garden LightCourtyard lights usually refer to outdoor road lighting lamps under 6 meters. Its main components are: light source, lamps and lanterns, lamp pole, flange, the foundation embedded parts 5 parts. Courtyard lights are mainly used in urban roa...

    01-20 2021

  • The French Agent Came To Inspect The FactoryOn September 8, 2020, The French agent POLE and the manager Yu visited the factory. The French agent mainly discussed the companys new products such as LED module lamps and intelligent sensor control street lamps, as well as the business co...

    01-18 2021

  • How To Upgrade Ordinary Street Lamps To LED Street LampsCompared with the traditional sodium lamp light source, LED lamp has the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental protection, low cost, long life, anti-glare and high brightness. Traditional sodium lamps are still used in many are...

    01-18 2021

  • 2020 Guangzhou International Lighting ExhibitionBooth No: C22 Booth-5.1 Hall Date: 10-13/Oct/2020 Exhibiton venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China Organizer: informa China Organizer: Guangzhou Baisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Qi Chuang is looking forward to yo...

    01-18 2021

  • Leaders Of The Second Metallurgical Group Visited The FactorRecently, leaders of China Second Metallurgical Group Visited the factory of AUTEX Group Co., LTD for inspection and guidance. Jin Jing, general manager of the group, Han Xu, bidding manager, and others attended the meeting to discuss futur...

    01-18 2021

  • Smart Street Lamp Data PlatformWith the help of new generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of things, smart city constructs a brand-new urban spatial foundation, detects, analyzes and processes massive data generat...

    01-18 2021

  • The New Smart Lamp Pole Is In Orderly ProductionThe smart light pole takes the light pole as the core, integrating lighting control, video surveillance, voice broadcast, public WI-FI, alarm for help, air monitoring, green charging, information release, advertising interaction, parking sp...

    01-18 2021

  • Smart Street Light Is In Production And DebuggingA new generation of smart street lamps is under production and commissioning. Steady and generous, exquisite design, with the unique design of the main pole, the whole lamp type has a style. LED lightingpart is simple and practical, abandon...

    01-15 2021


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